VI Peel, No Results?

On day 9 of my Vi peel and I don't see any improvements with brown spots or acne. This flare up was caused by a reaction to a mirena device which was removed 5 months ago but I'm still dealing with face issues. I'm Caucasian, 32, and have never had acne or brown spots before. Mirena destroyed my nice skin. Any help on this? I thought the Vi peel would help.

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Expectation management with Vi Peel

It sounds like you may have melasma, a condition in which brown patches appear on the skin often as a results of hormonal therapies such as mirena.  This can be tough to treat.  One Vi Peel is not going to completely take care of it.  There are a number of treatment options and combinations for this problem, including peels, hydroquinone, brightening agents and sunscreen.  I would advise seeking the care of a board-certified dermatologist who can advise you and offer both prescriptions and procedures rather than someone who only offers peels.  Good luck.

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VI Peel, No Results?

You may want to try a series of Vipeels, three, a month a part to see if this improves your brown spots and acne.  You may also consider facial laser resurfacing.  We the DOT C02 Fractionated Laser. 

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