Will the gum re-grow after functional crown lengthening? My right gum level side looks similar to my left gum level?

I had an aesthetic crown lengthening 5 months ago in my upper arch i had deep pockets along with three root canals done in my upper right 4,5 and 6 my great periodontist did an aesthetic CL in my left side and had to do functional CL in my right side as there were pockets and composites were beneath the gum. now my right gum line is higher than my left which is obvious in my smile My periodontist said that the right side in which we had functional CL will grow back by time.

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When gum surgery is done to lessen pocket depths, gum does not grow back. The point of doing the procedure to begin with is to allow you to better maintain the area and that's to decrease if not eliminate the pocket depth. If the gum were to grow back, you would have pockets again. 

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In my experience gum level should stablize within 3-6 months after the surgery.  Where ever the gum level is after this period of time will likely to stay.


Dr. Maddahi

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