Is Alcohol-free, Sugar-free Breath Spray Okay to Use with Invisalign?

Is alcohol-free, sugar-free breath spray okay to use with invisalign? I ask this question because even with brushing and flossing after each meal I get dry mouth and slightly bad breath. I drink water frequently to help with this but I would like to have something to freshen my breath that won't require me to take out the aligners each time. This breath spray is just a little squirt bottle that I can stick in my purse. Otherwise, would sugar-free breath mints be okay?

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Breath spray and Invisalign

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Your idea of using a sugar free breath spray is OK.  If this helps freshen your breath go ahead and use it;  it won't  hurt your aligners.  Same thing for sugar free breath mints.  If you have a serious problem with bad breath (halitosis) you may want to ask your dentist or orthodontist how you might improve the situation by dealing with the cause, which may be related to bacteria growing on the rear area of the tongue.  One other thing ... keeping your aligners clean and free of the yellowish plaque film will help prevent them from contributing to bad breath.

Seattle Orthodontist

Xylitol in breath mints can help

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While the alcohol free mouth rinses and breath mints likely won't harm the aligners, be sure they contain Xylitol.  This will inhibit the bacteria that cause cavities and should keep the breath fresh.  However, you may be masking a more serious condition, so be sure to mention it to your dentist or orthodontist so they can help determine the primary cause of the bad breath.

Sugar Free Mouth wash is Ok to use with Invisalign

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Using any ADA accepted or certified mouth wash is ok to use with Invisalign. You should clean your aligners and brush carefully after each meal. It looks like your dry mouth is not developed with Invisalign aligner. Ask your dentist or the Medical doctor for some exams, specially blood test to check the blood sugar or and sign of bacteriemia or the cavity.. Also ask the GI spacialist to exam the digestion system.

Bruce Vafa, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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