Possible to Avoid Moving Dead Tooth w/ Invisalign?

ok so my ortho did indeed do the spoon test and it did sound different when tapping on the affected tooth. He said what I can do is start the invisalign treatment and move all of the teethe except for that front one. He then said after treatment we will do a minor procedure on the tooth to allow it to move then put traditional braces on to move that last one into place. My question is is it possible to move all of the teeth except one? thank you for your time. i really want to get started!

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Invisalign treatment can be done even with a "dead" tooth

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I agree with your orthodontist that all your other teeth can probably be moved and the ankylosed tooth managed as a separate procedure. In fact, Invisalign is ideal in this type of situation since tooth movement can be precisely localized. I suggest following your orthodontists recommendation about the best way to coordinate your treatment.

Mercer Island Orthodontist

Can Invisalign Move ALL But One Tooth

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It is very common, especially with adult orthodontics, to NOT move certain teeth. Invisalign is an ideal treatment modality when you don't want to move a single tooth or even multiple teeth but want to move the teeth around them. This treatment plan prescribed by your dentist is very doable. Good luck!

Moving teeth but one using Invisalign

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Invisalign is a very sophisticated orthodontic treatment. It definitely can be used to move all the teeth but one.

Invisalign aligners will be preprogrammed to align other teeth to the position of the one, which is desired.

I personally did several cases, which required such a movement and it does work.

Dr. Ayzin

Invisalign can be very specific and precise

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One of the great things about Invisalign is you can program it to leave a tooth alone and move the others.  Brackets and wires cause the teeth to use each other for leverage, but Invisalign does not.  The leverage comes from the aligner itself.

It is possible to not move one tooth with invisalign

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Hi. . .Invisalign can be designed so that it does not move a tooth if you do not want it moved- that is one of the advantages to invisalign. Your orthodontist will tell the technicians and dentists at invisalign exactly how the teeth should be moved, and in your case, that the dead tooth should not be moved at all.

Gabriela Hricko, DDS
New York Orthodontist

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