24 days post-op Vaginal Rejuvenation: Have wound openings and stitches have come apart perineal (Photo)

Visited my doc 18 days post op,labia were open wounds and had stitches coming apart perineal,it burned to pee. He said it would heal fine and he doesn't restitch in case of infection. But it has come apart more and tonight was bleeding a little, Will this affect the vaginal tightening, do you think I will need a revision? The right labia is much bigger and the wound is worse. :( Should my doctor be closing the wound, does it look infected? I don't have a fever just whitish yellowish discharge

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Separations unfortunately can't be closed in the early postop period. When the do occur all that can be done is watch and wait. This is because the tissues are so fragile. If the area is closed properly with deeper sutures, the wound doesn't separate when the superficial ones dissolve or open up. I personally use a different technique than the one used by your doctor, but try and be patient and follow their instructions. A revision is unlikely as the area should continue to heal, but if you do proceed with one you would need to wait 4-6 months.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation and Wound Issues

Wound breakdown or skin breakdown can occur after any type of surgery and is much more common in cigarette smokers. The repair of breakdowns needs to delayed until the skin has healed enough to be able to hold sutures. This will take a couple of months at the very least. Until that time, keeping the area clean and following up with your surgeon on a regular basis will lead to the most rapid recovery possible.

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Vaginoplasty wound separation.

I would not suggest closing the wound now as there is too much tissue reaction and swelling.  It would probably open again. You should follow your doctors advise and use local wound care. If you need a revision in the future, you should wait about 6 months.  

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Vaginoplasty/labiaplasty wound seperation

In general, it is not a good idea to re-stitch post-operative wound separations.  There is indeed an increased risk of infection when doing so as well as high probability of it re-opening again.  I suggest you follow the instructions of your operating surgeon and keep your follow-up appointments as the healing process continues.  It may not be for 3-6 months until you know whether a revision is necessary or not.  Glad to help.

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