Alarplasty Scars After 3 Months After Surgery (Rhinoplasty Date: July 20, 2013)? (photo)

During my rhinoplasty, i had a full incision outside my nostrils. stitches where removed on the 3rd day, then some holes opened, it almost took a month or two for the holes to close causing a pinkish lines. then i noticed some pores sunk (depresssed scar?). aside from that when i wash my face, there are still some small white/scab looking/not sure if it's dirt material inside the holes and sides of the scars. should i remove it? and will these scars fade? thank you so much.

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Healing after Nostril Reduction

Incisions from alarplasty or nasal base reduction can occasionally form suture tracts which can be aggravated by your own pores. Taking out the sutures too early can also lead to delayed healing. Fortunately, this should improve with time and if not your surgeon can improve the scars with laser or dermabrasion. Good Luck!

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Alarplasty Scars After 3 Months After Surgery (Rhinoplasty Date: July 20, 2013)? (photo)

Appears as a very ,very good result for an alarplasty... You need to accept this result. Best to discuss with your surgeon to fully understand.//

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