Does Alar Base Reduction Use the Same Material As Thread Lift?

Can an alar base reduction be done with the same material that a Thread lift is done? Using the thread from the inside of the base of nose?

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Alar base reduction and Thread Lift maybe using the same material


The term ALAR BASE REDUCTION is often mixed with ALAR FARE REDUCTION - while the two are similar they are not the same.

To control the accentuated "C" curve of some Mexican (Mestizo) or African noses - we perform an excision of a small wedge of tissue (IE WEIR EXCISION) from the alae very close to their junction with the cheek and effectively straighten the flaring.

If you want to bring the two alae together, IE more centrally, this may be done with a suture which grabs each Ala and is pulled together until the narrowing you were shooting for was achieved at which point it is tied. Some hype-inclined colleagues refer to this simple surgical procedure as scarless or nonsurgical alar base reduction. The permanent suture used in this procedure can be switches to a barbed suture (or Quill) which may grab the tissue like a ratchet and may not need to be tied.

So - the answer to your question is a qualified maybe.

Hope this was helpful.

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