What Age is Right for Surgery on a Deviated Septum? (photo)

I've had a deviated septum since I can remember, probably around 7. I am now 17 and the doctor said I won't be ready for another 2 years time which is really depressing me. The cartilage has deviated towards the left and is fully visible from an underside view as well as me being practically unable to breathe through the nostril yet still I can't have the op done, could I persuade him to do it this year?

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Septoplasty date 17

 As long as the  body and face have quit growing, it is probably acceptable to undergo septoplasty. We have performed many septoplasties on patients  at age 17 have had no problems.

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Age Requirement for Septoplasty

Before a patient commits to the septoplasty procedure to correct a deviated septum, it is important that he or she has reached full physical maturity. This way, your surgeon can make sure that your nose has stopped growing and that the surgery will accurately address the breathing problems associated with a deviated septum. For women, physical maturity is typically reached by age 18. Males continue to grow and develop until about age 20. Your surgeon is right; it is best for you wait another few years to best ascertain that breathing problems will not recur.

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Appropriate age for septoplasty or rhinoplasty

The nasal growth plate is located within the septum, and injury to this area can stunt nasal growth. Therefore, a septoplasty or rhinoplasty is often delayed until the nose has stopped growing. Nasal growth in generally complete by ages 15-16 in females and ages 16-17 in males.

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Septal growth

Dear k225786: Thank you for your question. There is know exact age for men or women. The deciding factor is based more on skeletal maturity, septal pathology, and nasal airway obstruction. I have operated on men younger than you and I have had men wait until after 21. The answer is it depends. Sometimes if the nasal airway obstruction is severe we will operate early. If you are uncomfortable with anything your surgeon has said it is OK to seek a second opinion. Hope this helps

How old you need to be to have a septoplasty

It's usually okay to have nasal surgery like septoplasty when you've completed your growth spurt. In males this is usually around 16-18 years of age.

You could seek another opinion to see if you are a candidate for surgery.

In the meantime you can read more about septoplasty surgery at my web reference link below.

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