After Wearing Braces As a Teen I Still Have an Overbite. Can It Be Fixed Without Jaw Surgery with Extraction? (photo)

I wore braces for 2 years when I was 16. The orthodontist told me that she could reduce my overbite with elastic bands. I wore them religiously and when I have my braces taken off my overbite was not fixed. She did not do any extractions during treatment but I did have all of my wisdom teeth removed at the end of the treatment because she said my teeth would shift if I didn't. Fast forward 7 years I am still unhappy with my smile and bite. Can it be fixed without jaw surgery (w/ extractions) ?

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Can overbite be fixed without jab surgery.

Your status is properly referred to as vertical maxillary excess.  The height of your upper jaw from the base of your nose is too long.  Instead of LeFOrt jaw surgery, braces could be reapplied and Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) could be used to force the bone to "grow" up.  This must be done by an experienced clinician.  Many 'orthodontists" don't do it.  You will have to look hard for a good doctor to accomplish this

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Can I be fixed with ortho only?

Sometimes upper extractions can allow correction of severe overjets (especially in non-growing patients).  Best bet is to see an orthodontist (not a dentist who does orthodontics)

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
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Can Overbite be Corrected With Extractions and No Surgery

I'm not an orthodontist, but I suggest you see one who is experienced and can give you all your options. I don't think your bite can be TOTALLY corrected without jaw surgery, but you might be able to get a satisfactory look with some upper extractions and orthodontics again.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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