Delayed Start of Invisalign Treatment, Teeth Have Moved Slightly from Where They First Were when Impression Was Made?

I delayed the start of invisalign treatment, my teeth have crowded slightly since the impression was made and the whole left side of my upper teeth seem to have moved (in a straight line) closer to the centre of my mouth... My aligners (the first tray) still fit except they don't fit perfectly on the left side, I have to bend the aligners slightly, although when on they seem to fit right. Does this make sense? Will the treatment still work? Thank you

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Delayed invisalign, will trays fit

In many instances you do need to flex your tray to place it in your mouth especially if you have some crowding.  Talk to your dentist and discuss your concerns.

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Delayed Start of Invisalign

You didn't state how long it has been since the impressions. If it's only a few weeks, or a month or 2, there should NOT be a problem. Talk to your dentist and show him how the tray fits, and ask him!

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