After Tummy Tuck Normal to Have a Change in Urine Stream Direction and Pressure?

It is embarrassing but a week or so I had to control flow so I didn't pee between the seat and rim. Sometimes my stream is like u deer super pressure and that is when it is the worst but at times it flows more normally but I have to be careful now. I also feel like sometimes I have to really think about it to "get going" and when it stops I can usually go more if I just keep pushing. Will this go away? My doctors partner said sometimes things are pulled up more and it usually helps sexually?

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TUMMY VIDEO: Alteration in urine stream after tummy tuck.

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There may be several reasons for altered urine stream after tummy tuck. Pulling up of the mons pubis is one of them; this generally eases over a 2 month period. Also some of the pain medications may have side effects that slow the urine initiation. It is also extremely common to be constipated.

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Change in Urine Flow after Tummy Tuck

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A well-done Tummy Tuck re-positions and takes the slack out of the abdominal wall muscles and abdominal wall skin. Tightening the muscles may uncover pre-existing gastroesophageal reflux and urinary stress incontinence and depending at the degree of elevation of the mons there may ve an alteration in the ability to relax the angle of the urine tube (urethra). All these changes tend to resolve with time. Dr. Peter A. Aldea

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