Affirm Laser Vs IPL for Facial Rejuvenation

Which between Affirm Laser and IPL will provide better results for facial rejuvenation?

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There is a big difference between Affirm and IPL

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These are two very different types of laser/light devices.

The Affirm is a laser, a non-ablative fractional laser that penetrates through the skin. The IPL is light device that mainly works on the surface of the skin.

The Affirm actually penetrates through the skin making microscopic holes through the epidermis and into the dermis. This acts to remove unwanted pigment (brown spots) from the skin, remove sun damage and rebuild collagen. The overall effect after a series of 4-6 treatments is more even skin tone, and smoother skin.

The IPL is a light device that works on brown spots and redness or small blood vessels. A series of treatments will help even skin tone but does little for rebuilding collagen and tightening skin.

The two devices actually complement each other and when used in combination produce excellent results as minimal downtime treatments.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

IPL and Affirm are complementary to eachother

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IPL (intense pulsed light) is not a laser, but rather avery bright  light that, shone on the skin, helps even out minor color irregularities - especially red and brown spots. It stays mainly on the surface.

The Affirm fractional laser is a concentrated laser that makes pinpoint penetrations through the skin down to where the collagen can be stimulated. It is ideal if there are fine lines. It works as much from underneath the skin as from the surface.

Depending on the main goal, you could start with one treatment type, wait abouit 3 months, then evaluate to see if the other would be feasible.     

Christopher J. Peers, MD
South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

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