What is Affirm Laser Treatment?

Is it true that affirm laser is similar to fraxel laser for skin problems like acne scars and lines around the mouth. What is affirm and how is it different from fraxel?  

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Affirm laser information

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The great benefit here is that you get 2 laser treatments simultaneously. The Fraxel and most similar systems are generally 1540nm wavelength laser that emit fractional energy 800 microns to 1600 microns into the skin. The Affirm emits 2 wavelengths 1 that most of the energy ends up at 300 microns (where the layer of solar damage is that we want to improve) and the other a very deep 2000-3000 microns for the ultimate in deeper tissue tightening and skin rejuvenation. The Affirm "Multiplex" laser is actually 2 "Fractioned" lasers in 1 treatment. The "Gold Standard" wavelength for scars many of the worlds experts agree is the 1320nm wavelength.

The Affirm has BOTH a 1320nm and a 1440nm wavelength combined in a single "multiplexed treatment". This is similar to having an optimally effective Fractional rejuvenation and deep tissue tightening in 1 fast, comfortable treatment! Most of my patients opt for a 3 treatment package and are thrilled with their results.

This laser is the ONLY of it's kind utilizing this unique and from the dozens of laser that I have used, optimally effective Micro-Fractioned Dual Laser Skin Resurfacing, Laser Resurfacing with the worlds only patented "Multiplex" technology which Simultaneous emits 2 lasers sequentially fired for optimal micro-rejuvenation and deep Laser Skin Tightening and revision of skin irregularities. Tricking the skin to believe it is wounded when it is not and elicit a "healing response" the new super fast, 1000 pinpoints of laser light in each large spot is the Newest, Lightening Fast, unique "Multiplex" (patented) technology laser to allow for No prep time, No pain and No downtime laser resurfacing "that will tighten, rejuvenate and enhance your looks by erasing, revising and diminishing (up to 100%) Wrinkles, Scars, Stretchmarks, Pockmarks, Acne Scars, Sun damage, Melasma and a variety of skin problems. Scars and problem skin can now be replaced by normal colored & textured skin in a small series of treatments . Stretch mark and Scar tissue can often be greatly reduced and often up to 100% replaced with brand new normal colored & textured skin! This unique, 1 of a kind laser can very safely be used around the eyes to erase crows feet and uneven surface texture and pigments.

All my patients have switched over from Fraxel to the Affirm, They all agree that the Affirm is far more comfortable than the Fraxel and that is even when using BOTH lasers at once and they all tell me that the results are far superior. My patients and I really love this dual laser system. There is no blue gel, (no gel at all), it is extremely effective, and only takes 10-15 minutes and there is no downtime at all except 2-24 hours of redness and you can wear make up the very next morning and there is very little (if any redness) to cover. I have achieved spectacular results.

For extremely deep scars I will opt to use my Fractional CO2 laser or my non fractional CO2 laser . The downtime on those is 2-5 days on the former and significantly longer on the latter (ie. non-fractional) (that time depending on the severity of the condition and how much energy I use. New red scars can also be traeted quite well and in fact, prevented from forming with my Cynergy Multiplex pulse dye/Nd:YAG laser.

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