How Long Do Affirm Laser Treatments Last?

Just had Reaffirm treatment on my neck, and it was recommended I do 5 more treatments. How long would the results of Reaffirm last? I find the price I was quoted with discount, quite pricey. Thank you

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Affirm laser treatments will turn back the clock. Collagen production is stimulated and the dermis becomes thicker and more hydrated. Elastic fiber production is stimulated from the treatment as well. This gives a firmer, tighter and smoother appearance to the skin.
I tell my patients that the treatment will turn back the clock, but obviously will not stop the clock from continuing to move forward. This is just as if you set your watch back 2 hours. The clock still moves forward, but never races to catch up to the time it was originally. To put it another way, if your appearance after the treatment makes you look 10 years younger, then you will always look 10 years younger than you would otherwise if you had not had the treatment in the first place. I hope that helps.

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Refirme results

Thank you for your question.  Refirme treatments are best when performed in a series as suggested to you as this will produce the best result.  The treatment results will require maintenance as the aging process continues to slow down collagen production, damage collagen and ravel up the elastin fibres.  Usually after a series of treatments I recommend that patients have a treatment once a season to stimulate the collagen production and maintain the results from the original package of treatments.

R. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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