For Tightening the Skin, Which Works Better: Affirm or Thermage?

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Thermage vs Laser

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In my opinion Thermage has been lack luster regarding results. Affirm and other fractionated CO2 lasers or for that matter BBL often have a better result. Other skin tightening technologies like the Sciton SkinTyte (IR), BBL, and Ulthapy are also available for this purpose and probably better than Thermage.

Thermage for tightening

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Thermage or Pelleve which are both radiofrequency devices are designed to heat and tighten the skin.  This creates an overall tightening or lifting effect.  The affirm is a fractionated laser that is primarily designed to treat early wrinkles, pigmentation and create an overall rejuvenation.  Although it can also help smooth and firm the skin, the results are typically not as obvious as the Pelleve or Thermage

Edgar Franklin Fincher, MD, PhD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

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