Can larger amounts of fat be removed from heavier people through smart lipo?

Im a 220 pound female who plans on getting triplex smart lipo done. Although im aware of the fact smart lipo is for body contouring and not for other purposes but for a person like me 5 litres wont be enough to see any body contouring hence i wanted to know is it ok if more fat probably 7 to 8 litres of fat could be removed from my body as i have more fat.

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Set reasonable expectations

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I have done smartlipo on many patients that are in your weight range...and they are some of my very happiest patients! It is important to set reasonable expectations. Also, smartlipo doesn't all have to be done at once! On my larger patients I will do upper and lower lipo, and then 6-8 weeks later go back and do the flanks.  My patients have been thrilled with their results. It didn't give them a new body, but it did really improve on what they had, and they are great with that! Clothes fit better, less bulging, and higher confidence! I say go for it!

Amount removed

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I frequently do lipo on heavier patients who do not want to have a tummy tuck.  I explain that they will have loose skin after, extra wrinkles, but they will look better in their clothes.  Frequently these patients will drop 4-6 inches in their waist.  For my females, this also often gives the appearance of a bigger chest and butt, which makes most of them happy as well.
As long as you have realistic expectations, I think you can be happy.  If you are expecting a flat, smooth belly, then this is not the procedure you should do.

5 liters is a lot.  If you think about it, that is 2.5 - 2 liter coke bottles.  On average, I remove 4-5 liters from the abdomen and flanks in patients at a similar weight to yours.

The 5 liter mark was set after several people died from larger volume loss.  This often occurred with doctors who did not have adequate training, monitoring, or both.  Older methods of lipo often had significant bleeding associated with it, and the large volume loss resulted in patients going into shock.

Newer methods, such as SmartLipo, have much less bleeding, so larger volumes can be safe.  Make sure you see a board certified physician, know how they monitor you, can they provide IV fluids, etc.

Good luck to you.

You should be within 20% of your body weight maximum

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you are much too heavy for Smartlipo to get a good result. 
No type of liposuction is designed for weight loss.
you need to exercise and lose weight first. 

Also the amounts removed by Smartlipo are much less than you 
be patient and get your weight down. you may then benefit more 
from a Tummy Tuck, if you have lose skin.

see a plastic surgeon, who will have more options than Smartlip
in case that is situation for you.

good luck
david berman md

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The volume of fat that can safely be removed in a single session is related to your size

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A few states in the US have regulated the amount of fat that can be removed in a single session. California and Florida are the two best examples. However, these regulations are not based on science. Rather they were politically motivated responses to the deaths of high profile patients. Those who are familiar and experienced with liposuction understand that more fat can be removed from larger patients than smaller ones and you are a perfect example.

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