Can You Add More Saline After Breast Implant Surgery?

Can I have more saline added to Allergan 68 nattrelle implants 360-390. I have 375cc and was wanting it filled to 390?

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Adding More Saline after Breast Augmentation

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Yes, saline can be added after surgery. You can add 50-75cc’s after most saline implant surgery without any sequelae long term.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Can You Add More Saline After Breast Implant Surgery

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You are speaking about ONE TABLESPOON. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk of addtional surgery and I would be willing to bet you would barely notice the difference. Filling to the upper limit may make the implant FEEL firmer but the volume difference will not likely be appreciated

Filling saline implants

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Your saline implants could be filled to the 390 maximum volume, but the difference you see would be minimal and probably not worth another surgery and the risk to you and the implant.  If you want to bigger, you probably need to use a bigger implant.

Changing the fill of saline breast implants

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The simple answer is that it's possible but not a good idea and not worth it. 

Saline-filled implants are meant to be filled once and then not messed with (if they are to last a lifetime). If they are put in through a 2 cm incision and filled in place to minimize the scar length, it's not possible to get at the valve and the incision would have to be extended to allow the implant to be taken out and then put back in. The amount in question is still within the proper fill for a saline implant but it's not enough to make a visible difference. Any procedure to access and manipulate an implant has costs and some risks of problems even though, if done properly, it's not at the same level as the first time procedure. 

If you're not satisfied with the size or type of implant I would allow enough time for the tissues to recover and be sure of your decision and then rethink the size, type, and fill of the implant by replacing both of them. From a medium profile saline implant, you could go to a Moderate Plus (Mentor) or a high profile (Allergan/Natrelle) and increase the forward projection without changing the width of the implant or you could increase the width (and height of a round implant) by 1 to 1 1/2 cm after the tissues have adjusted from the first procedure, or some combination of the two. You could also change to a gel-filled implant although there is no Moderate Plus option in gels. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Adding more saline to implants

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While you can still add fluid to these implants, 15 cc's is not alot of fluid and you probably would not  notice the difference. 

Post-op addition of more saline to implants not usually worth it

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Saline breast implants have a specified range of acceptable fill volumes, so the most you could add is a couple of teaspoons which wouldn't be noticable. From experience I recommend that if a patient wants to see a definite change in size it usually needs to be at least 100 cc, whether going larger or smaller. this would mean different implants.

Filling Implant More After Surgery - How Much

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Certainly with your current saline implants you can add more saline.  It is another procedure, but usually pretty easy to do.  However, adding 15cc will not make any difference.  To get any sort of difference, you need to add at least 30-40cc of saline, and if you are looking for a noticeable increase in size, you need at least 75cc.  With your current implants, you can actually fill those to 450cc without any problem.  Allergan has a very narrow range that they put on the implants, but they admit that they can be overfilled much more than that without endangering the implant.  I hope this helps.

Adding saline to implants

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15 ccs added to your implants isn't worth the risk of doing it.  This would require a re-operation and exposes you to risks like infection unnecessarily.  Generally, if you need a bigger look, you need new implants that are about 100 ccs bigger than the current ones to se enough of a difference to be worth it.

Adding saline to implants after surgery

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This can be done, but in reality the difference will be difficult if not impossible to notice, and I would imagine your surgeon would probably agree.  My recommendation is that it's probably not worth the risk (infection, for example) or possible additional costs.

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