Breast Implants Slipped Down

3 weeks after having a silicone breast augmention it looked like my implants were slipping down (see photo). A "hump" started to form on both sides starting 3 weeks after surgery. Surgeon said to wait until I was 6 months out. It looks like I have 4 breasts! He is now saying my muscles are not strong enough to hold up the implant and he wants to charge me for "tacking" them up. Should I ask for a refund?!

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PHOTO: Breast Implants Slipped Down: CLASSICAL DOUBLE BUBBLE

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Yes, your implants have dropped below your breast crease. The reason for this is not entirely clear but it is interesting that it happened in both breasts. The support to the implants must be non-exstent in the lower half of the breast. This will require revision and a variety of interventions may be used including possible use of Acellular dermal matrix, a smaller implant. and prolonged post-operative support.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Double bubble

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A double bubble has developed after your surgery. This can be corrected by suturing the tissue back down to the chest wall and adjusting the pocket.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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You need a new plastic surgeon for revision breast augmentation.

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You have a bad deformity after breast augmentation which needs to be expertly corrected, and this is difficult.  I would do it as soon as possible, since your tissues are being stretched.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Double bubble deformity

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As has beenb stated, the breast implant has dropped lower than the fold under the breast and this needs to be repaired. The reason for waiting is to allow the capsule to heal andgive the repairing surgeon something to sew together. There is no muscle at the lower outer edge of the breast so it is not a matter of the muscle not being strong enough. Having said this in the practice of plastic surgery, no guarantees can be made as to how you will heal, etc. The issue of the cost of a revision surgery is between you and your plastic surgeon but I believe you will have an improvement when this repair is accomplished.

I wish you well.

Dr Edwards

Bottoming out and double bubble after implants is a difficult problem

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Your picture shows a classic case of "double bubble" which is a version of bottoming out, caused by the implant slipping below the original bottom edge of the breast. It is not necessarily the result of any problem with the surgery, but they are more challenging to fix than they seem. One option you should be aware of is a graft of a material called Strattice which can be used to reinforce the fold repair and hold the implant up, like an internal bra. Info here:

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Suboptimal breast implant results

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You certainly have a problem from your photo and need a corrective operation to tack down the pocket. From your skin and stretchmarks, it looks like you might be a massive weight loss patient and the result you have is a higher risk in these folks because they have poor tissue elasticity and loose inframammary creases.  

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