Self-inflicted Eye Wrinkles

Hi, I have an unusual, complicated issue. I'm 35 and a redhead, with thin, pale skin and freckles. I lived in a hot climate for a year and while I did use sunscreen, I didn't reapply enough and ended up with some sun damage. My skin also got even more dry than usual and, because I sleep on my side, I started getting vertical creased on the side of my eyes. To combat them, I did something VERY damaging and stupid and started putting tape (sometimes with moisturizer) on the sides of my eyes while I slept. I did this for at least a year and the results are, the skin is stretched, I have even more creases and it's changed the actual texture of my skin, making it paper-thin, shiny and scar-tissuey (although it almost looks normal when I close my eyes because I always had the tape on when I was sleeping). Once I came back (and stopped doing the tape), I did a series of (light, in office) chemical peels, Obagi for about 8 weeks and then ended up having Erbium laser performed around my eyes. The results are horrible. The lines are still there, and look even worse (and more numerous), the skin texture is the same, there is a line delineation between the lasered and unlasered skin and the the bags under my eyes seem more pronounced (exasperated by the fact that I have new spider veins from the treatment). I've finally, after trying for many years, learned to sleep on my back. So, my question is, is there anything that can be done or do I just have to live with the damage I've caused? I've looked into CO2 laser treatment but I don't want to just keep doing things to my face and possibly damage it even more. Thank you for your time, Kate

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