I've Just Accidentally Discharged a Home IPL Device into my Open Eyes, from a Distance of About 10cm. Worried!

I've just accidentally discharged a home IPL device into my open eyes, from a distance of about 10cm. The safety device on the machine was meant to prevent this from being able to occur. I've been to my local hospital - they were unconcerned and laughing at me in fact. My vision is fine at the moment, although it was severely blurred and dark for about 10 minutes after exposure. Is there a chance my eyesight could deteriorate? I am incredibly worried. Please advise.

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IPL should not be used at home

You should have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist.  Chances are your IPL device is too weak to cause damage.  You should report this event to the manufacturer of this device and consider not using it again.

Toronto Dermatologist
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You will likely be OK. Check with an eye doctor to be sure.

Home IPL's are not super powerful and IPL light is not coherent, so it is less likely to damage the eye than a powerful laser.  None the less, check with a good eye doctor and follow his/her recommendations.

Mark Taylor, MD
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IPL and accidental eye injury

There may be injury to the cornea and retina. Unless you saw a real ophthalmologist at the hospital, I would recommend seeing one now. You should have an expert examination of your eye as soon as possible.

Joseph Rabson, MD (retired)
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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