After laser, can I do a facial?

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Facial after Laser

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Thank you for asking a really great question.  As you know there are many different types of lasers however, with most we recommend that you wait at least two weeks before having a facial done.  The post-healing time is crucial after a laser so that your collagen reformulates and to also avoid additional irritation to the skin.

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After laser, can I do a facial ??

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Thanks for your query. Facial can be done after a gap of 10 days from most of the dermatological treatment but it depends upon the type of treatment done. Laser are of many types and there downtime varies accordingly.
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Getting a Facial After Laser Treatment

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Thank you for your question about a facial after laser.

Your question is very general.  There are many different types of facial laser treatment. Each can have a different mechanism of treatment, different level or intensity and different amounts of down time and recovery.

Regardless, once you are completely healed, yes, it should be okay to get a facial.

To learn the particular details of your proposed laser and the timing of when you can get a facial, see two or more experienced, licensed and board-certified providers in your area for a complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate and that it is safe for you to have laser treatment.

I hope this helps.

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Facial After Laser

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Laser procedures are fairly intense for your skin - that is how you can get such great aesthetic results with laser procedures! Because of this, it is best to give your skin time to heal and replenish before any other potentially harsh procedures. It is best to do your facial before your laser treatment. After your laster treatment you can have a facial safely after hyperemia (redness) of your skin has resolved. This usually takes one to two months.

Depending on your laser, a facial before or after can enhance results.

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There are many types of facials and different lasers.  An ablative laser will damage the integrity of the skin, while a non-ablative laser may change the skin's color without affecting the surface skin in the same way.  At Las Vegas Dermatology, a facial can be used to hydrate the skin after an ablative laser procedure or a microneedling procedure.  A facial can also be used to cleanse the skin prior to a laser treatment for unwanted redness, blood vessels or hyperpigmentation.  Best to consult with your provider to arrange the timing of your facial with the laser used.

After laser, can I do a facial?

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At my office it is recommended you have your facial appointment done before laser. Depending on the skincare needs of each individual, be it wrinkles, brown spots, acne or other, we always mix and match additional treatments to layer over our facial.

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