How long do acne marks (red/brown marks) take to fade?

After I got facial extraction my face started to have an ance and left with a red or brown mark. How long does it fade naturally?

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How long do acne marks (red/brown marks) take to fade?

Thanks for your query. Acne marks generally take a long while from weeks to sometime months. There are means to fasten the process. You can consult your dermatologist for the same. Hope it helps.
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Acne was activated by facial. You need to be evaluated in person and unfortunately you Amy need a chemical eel such as the vi peel to lighten these dark marks and help control the acne.

Morris Westfried, MD
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Dermapen amazing for acne marks... Look it up!

I always tell my patients, if a facial feels good for you to relax, get it. If you are actually trying to improve your skin in the long term, do Dermapen instead. You know when you go on a trip and you get a facial, you glow that day, then go back to looking normal the day after. After Dermapen, you glow for a month and get long-lasting collagen production.
You can get Dermapen (or microneedling) with blood or spun down blood to isoloate the PRP (platelet rich plasma). This boosts the efficacy of microneedling by penetrating your own growth factors deep into your skin, again, causing more collagen production and lon-lasting benefits for your skin. I prefer PRP over blood because we have isolated the growth factor portion of the blood to use in the treatment.
You can expect improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and a long-lasting glow. Personally, I love this treatment and try to get it done every couple of months. You will be addicted too. Promise!

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Post inflammatory redness and brown spots fading

Your skin type is most likely the more sensitive 3, 4 or 5 if the brown spots are not fading within a week or so or you are exposing yourself to sun and you need a daily SPF 45 or greater. Furthermore, rubbing the skin or picking will prolong any spots on the face.
When I see a patient that this has happened to from another facialist, I will initiate either fade creams , light peels, Hydrafacials and proper sun protection and skin care products.
If  a rapid result is needed I will usually perform either a laser micropeel or a light TCA peel.
I treated someone just last week with a light TCA peel and all of her spots were gone in four days.
This takes a trained dermatologist to first evaluate your skin type and secondly choose the proper peel.
All the very best to you, I would advise that you consult with a reputable dermatologist who performs cosmetic procedures daily.

Sharon J. Littzi, MD
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How long for post inflammatory marks to fade

Depending on your skin type post inflammatory pigment or marks can vary in the time frame it will take it fade. Generally superficial scars can take months to fade. There are prescription creams that can help fade scarring faster.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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