Sore skin and peeling lips after Restylane - delayed hypersensitivity reaction? (Photo)

I had Resatylane Kysse treatment Friday 30th October). The swelling and the bruising has gone down; however the skin on my lips feels strangely sensitive. My lips feel fragile, as if smiling could cause small tears in the skin; the lips also feel irritated and itchy, sometimes developing transient red patches. I have to constantly apply thick layer of lip emollient to prevent my lips from peelin. Did not experience this reaction when I had the juvederm filler around 6mo ago. Hypersensitivity?

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It appears that you have received too much of fillers at once.

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When the skin is stretched more than usual, it can cause it to peel and be irritated. I believe the skin of your lips have been stretched more than they can handle. I don't see any serious reaction from your pictures. 

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