Use Tazorac Everyday for Several Skin Issues?

I'm 30, with under eye lines, some blotchiness from sun damage on cheeks, veins/red capillaries on my nose and few on cheeks. I also have big pores. So I put Tazorac under my eyes for crows feet and a dab a little on my cheeks, where I have blotchiness Should I use Tazorac everday? Thank you

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Yes, If Tolerated

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Tazarac can be a fairly rough drug. However, if your skin tolerates it, I feel that it should be part of everyone's skin care regimen.

If you have trouble tolerating Taz, begin with the 0.05 cream and go to every other day. You can also add a moisturizer to it such as Cerave. These two go particularly well. The gel is stronger. My patients and staff can tell when I switch to the gel since I peel extensively. But such peeling may help. After all, some people pay big money for same. This is totally untested, but my trick ( and I do advise my patients of this) is to apply Tazarac about a half hour before your favorite anti-oxidant. I feel that Tazarac actovates the Retinoid receptors allowing optimal efficacy of the anti-oxidant. Also, the anti-oxidant should act as an anti-inflammatory agent in case the Taz has caused inflammation. Finally, Tazarac is going to make the skin a little more porous, allowing more efficient penetration of the anti-oxidant. Again, all this stuff is unproven but so is half the stuff people pour onto their punims (faces). By the way I advise patients to place Tazarac under the eyes and around the crow's feet region. I realize the package insert warns against it, but again, it should be OK if tolerated. Also, it should be mentioned that Tazarac is a category X...meaning it should not be used in those pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Tazorac for undereye lines and blotchiness

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Tazorac should help with undereye lines and blotchiness (sun-damaged skin) as well as (possibly) reduce the appearance of large pores. I do not believe Tazorac helps with blood vessels. I agree with Dr. Oppenheim, that the key is tolerability. I always advise patients either to apply a thin layer of moisturizer prior to Tazorac or to mix Tazorac with moisturizer so as to reduce redness/irritation/peeling. If you are planning a pregnancy in the near future or are pregnant Tazorac is not for you, as it can cause severe birth defects.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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