Does Tazorac Help with Collagen Rebuilding After Fraxel?

Will Tazorac help with collagen rebuilding after Fraxel procedure, just as they say Retin-A does? If so, how is it possible?

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Retinoids have extended benefit for aging skin

Before paying for an expensive and uncomfortable procedure, you should do the basics: sunscreen and antioxidant daytime and retinoid (tazorac my personal favorite) to stimulate the process of epithelialization at night and stimulate new collagen as well as clear pores to minimize them. These benefits are cumulative over time and have been found to speed healing after the procdure due to this stimulation. After the procedure, retinoids maintains the benefit. A board certified dermatologist can best explain the different types of retinoid, and how to use them for best resuts.

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Tazorac After Fraxel for Collagen Stimulation


Any of the retinoids including retin-A and tazorac stimulate collagen production.  They all have varying degrees of irritation with them based on their strength.  What is important to realize is that after Fraxel Restore, your skin is  much more sensitive and in a sense like baby skin.  You can use a retinoid after Fraxel Restore but cautiously.  We recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before resuming any products that could irritate the skin like Vitamin C, glycolic, or retinoid after Fraxel Restore.  For Fraxel Repair, we wait even longer, a minimum of one month.



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