Abdominoplasty with Liposuction for Fairly Large Pannus?

Do surgeons include liposuction with a full abdominoplasty? I have a fairly large pannus from 2 c-sections and significant weight gain (large babies 9 lbs 11 oz and 8lbs 11 oz). I would like to have a procedure that could take care of the entire abdomen and flank area, if possible.

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Abdominoplasty and liposuction

If the pannus is heavy and hanging, it may be best to reach your goal weight first. Perfoming liposuction of the abdomen at the same time as undermining the abdominal flap may cause tissue death in the central triangle below the umbilicus.

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Techniques needed to reshape your abdomen

My approach to reshaping the abdomen is to discuss excisional body lifts as well as liposuction, before we get to the O.R. It's important for patients to realize that the redundant pannus (skin & fat) below the belly button will be discarded and so liposuction isn't so important in this area. Liposuction can be useful 1) to thin out the remaining skin, which will be redraped as well as 2) to reduce the "dog ears", which stick out of the end of the incision. Most physicians will adopt a similar approach in combining liposuction with tummy tucks. As far as including liposuction of the "flanks" or love handles with a major abdominoplasty, I am reluctant to do both at one time, because of concerns about compromising the blood supply to the abdominal flap. We aim for improved contour not delayed wound healing. Good Luck.

Lavinia K. Chong, MD
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Extended Tummy Tuck probably, for large pannus


You are probably looking at an extended tummy tuck plus or minus liposuction. Lipo can add to the swelling and healing time, so I try to avoid it if possible. It usually is possible.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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Abdominoplasty and Liposuction

I have discussed this in an article on my website.  It is safe to an extent.  But you must remember that alot of the pannus is excised and discarded so this may not be an issue.

You should be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon who can accurately go through your options.

Good luck.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
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Liposuction and abdominoplasty

The primary question should first be are you a good candidate for either Abdominoplasty or Liposuction - Stated another way, will the appearance and results of either procedure, if done on you, justify the increased risks and cost? Obviously without either photographs or an examination, it is impossible to state.

Most plastic surgeons would ask that their patients' weight be stable with a BMI of 30 or below. If this is not the case, I would save my money since the outcome may not be satisfactory.

Where I work, there will be a charge by both the facility and the anesthesiologists for any additional procedures. Depending on the extent of low back and hip fat, it would be required to either have you on your tummy for the liposuction and or turn you side to side for the procedure. In addition, different instruments and surgical covers would have to be opened for this part as well as the tummy tuck portion. So it is not unreasonable to charge for them.

I hope this was helpful.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Is Liposuction part of a Tummy Tuck?

Liposuction of the flanks and minor thinning of the skin above the belly button is routine in most tummy tucks.

In a standard tummy tuck the amount of fat that is removed in the upper abdomen(above the belly button) is limited. The surgeon does not want to injure the blood circulation to the skin that is being pulled down.

The Avelar lipoabdominoplasty allows for a much more aggressive and complete removal of fat from the entire abdomen, flanks and waist. In this procedure a very complete liposuction is performed. The excess skin is removed. The upper tummy skin slides down, but is not lifted away from the muscles.

I have found the Avelar procedure to work best in heavier patients with a pannus.

Richard L. Dolsky, MD (retired)
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominoplasty and liposuction

The real answer is that a surgeon will do what it takes to get the job done. There is no set method for doing an individual abdominoplasty. The object is to be able to tailor a procedure to fit the patient's anatomy and needs. A pannus is often removed with a panniculectomy or in conjunction with a full abdominoplasty. Liposuction can be used as an adjunct procedure if necessary. To what extent and in what combination is individualized.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tucks and liposuction at the same time

These can be done together depending on your age, health, body mass index, etc. In my practice, I always do liposuction with a tummy tuck. Although one can divide the torso into multiple cosmetic units, I like to treat this as one cosmetic unit. This way you achieve the best results all the way around including the flanks, buttocks,back and abdomen. The pannus is excised and does not need to be liposuctioned. The upper abdomen can be liposuctioned judiciously to preserve the blood supply. If a person has a large upper abdominal roll, I tell them that although they will get improvement with the liposuction and abdominoplasty, there's the possibility off further liposuction of the abdomen to refine the results. Since most of the patients I see in my practice require liposuction, my fees are all inclusive.

George Marosan, MD
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Liposuction and Adbodminpolasty

If you include a picture, we may be able to give you more specific advice. However, I include minor liposuction of flanks (at no additional charge) on about 90% of the abdominoplasties that I perform. I feel that it gives you a much better overall result. If you need major liposuction, that that is a whole different story and I would need to see you in consultation to determine which procedures would be best for you. I hope this information is helpful. Good luck with your procedure.

David Shafer, MD
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Tummy tucks and liposuction

The tummy tuck will take care of the pannus and liposuction can be done if you have rolls of fat in the flanks. The charges for this are separate in my practice because liposuction equipment needs to be opened up during surgery as it is not part of a plain tummy tuck. Other practices may differ in this regard though.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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