Can Invisalign Correct a Sideways Tooth?

I basically have have a tooth in the front (the one next to the two main front teeth), which grew in completely sideways. I'm 31 now. My front teeth are all straight except for this one. Kind of looks like this: -/---

Would Invisalign be able to correct this or would I need traditional braces? I will more than likely live with it if I had to get the braces, but wanted to look into Invisalign if it was something that would work. Thank you.

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Those darn laterals...Go for the BEST results

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If I am correct, the tooth of which you speak is a lateral incisor.  These little rascals can be difficult to reposition with Invisalign since the neighboring teeth are so much bigger and the plastic of the aligners seems to by-pass the laterals in efficiency.  But even with this difficulty, don't pass up the opportunity to improve your esthetics.  If the lateral is angled as you have shown by using a "back-slash" I would wonder if it is a peg lateral (a commonly occurring anomaly) and would benefit from some quick orthodontics followed by an esthetic dental procedure??  When you say, "I will just live with it instead of wearing braces" take a moment to look into a combination approach using braces or Invisalign to position the anteriors and following up with a bonding or veneer.  Pictures would help if you could provide a couple.  Don't short sale yourself on your desires.  Braces are not forever....but your results can be!!  Good Luck!

Sacramento Orthodontist

Invisalign and a sideways tooth.

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I would really recommend that you go with some real braces instead of Invisalign.  The upper lateral incisors and cuspids are especially difficult to get precision correction of severe rotations with Invisalign.  They are also right out there in front where they show the most.  If you go for a correction you want to try to get it exactly right which is hard to do with the aligners.  To make the appliances less visible you might want to try the new Damon Clear braces on the top.  (Check them on the web)  They don't show that much and are a lot more efficient at difficult rotations like the one you are talking about.  I have recently had to re treat three invisalign cases where the other providers just could not get the rotations correctred properly even with the refinement aligners and all of that.  I used our regular Damon braces and all three were handled quickly (one just in time  for her wedding).    Don't worry about wearing some fixed braces.  The Damon Clear braces look quite nice and they aren't much bigger than the attachments that they will place on your  teeth for the invisaligh.  Be sure to ask about those attachments.  Most people don't realize that they are going to have those attachments  with invisalign.  Don't forget about retention as a severely rotated tooth like that is going to be difficulet to keep it straight after treatment.  I would definitely recommend thay you work with an experienced orthodontic specialist who will be able to help advise you about this retention issue also.  A little clear retainer for a few months is probably not going to be enough to keep that lateral incisor straight over the long term.

Clark L. Jones, DDS, MSD
Phoenix Orthodontist

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