Will It Matter Which Orthodontist I Go to for Invisalign?

Will my results for Invisalign be the same regardless of which orthodontist I go to since the trays are all created by Invisalign?

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Orthodontist you go to make huge difference in Invisalign results

Invisalign makes the aligners but we design them and tell them what teeth to move. They are not dentists, we are.The misconception is that Invisalign does all the work and that we simply take the molds and send them in. We add attachments, strip teeth, pick which teeth to move, design the length of treatment and the list goes on and on. Sometimes, I work on a single case for over a week sending Invisalign numerouse daily email. As of 2010 there will be a list of dentists available called preferred providers that patients should use to find a really experienced dentist. Use that list.

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Successful Invisalign outcomes dictated by doctor, not Invisalign technicians

Invisalign fabricates trays but the orthodontist is the one who determines the treatment course. Remember that the aligners are like any other appliance. They are used as tools by the doctor, to help move teeth, just like braces, an expander, or using elastics.

Invisalign is a mass-made 100% customizable appliance. Impressions are sent in and scanned in Mexico. The digital images are sent to Costa Rica where the models are dissected digitally. There are over 500 techs with little to no dental background who are responsible for putting together the course of treatment. They are extremely talented with using the software, but do not know how much about orthodontics at all. It is up to the doctor to decide on which teeth move, when they move, how they move, which attachments should be used, where they should be placed, whether IPR is required, and the rate of movement.

Failed Invisalign treatment is usually due to one of two reasons. The first is a lack of compliance with wearing the trays. The second is poor or inadequate planning by the treating doctor. An experienced Invisalign provider goes a long way in maximizing the chance of successful treatment.

Good luck!

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Providers make a difference

There really IS a difference between providers, but it may seem minor. Of course, there is the office part (staff greeting you, general feelings of office, convenient location etc), but a more experienced provider may be able to direct Align (Invisalign Inc) as to how the case should progress. One office might submit the case and accept whatever Align suggests, and another provider may have preferences that require some "tweaking" of the ClinCheck®.

The differences may be minor, so only you can decide. Remember, you will need to return to the office every 4-6 weeks. Sometimes, "it's the little things".

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