Dermatologists Vs Plastic Surgeons for Fillers?

I haven't had anything done and I'm now considering a filler. I received mixed reviews on which route to take, as a close friend that works in the pharma industry and represents one of top fillers on the market.

I was told that plastic surgeons tend to overdo it, as they are accustomed to working with patients that are addicted and get "too much work done."

My gut tells me that a top plastic surgeon would be the best path, but I'm hearing great reviews about dermatologists that have extensive experience with injections. Feedback about pros/cons (outside of price) would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Choose the injector who takes your considerations seriously

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Injectable dermal fillers, botox can be done proficiently by both dermatologists and surgeons. Before you interview prospective injectors, think about what you'd like to accomplish, bring old photos of yourself and get recommendations from satisfied clients.I definitely think that injectable therapy needs to be done carefully, with an artful eye and light hand. However it's important to have your observations respected so that you are satisfied with the reflection in the mirror. So start slowly and build your confidence. Good luck.

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Dermatologists vs Plastic Surgeons for Filler

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What I would recommend if you can do it is to get a consultation with a dermatologist and one with a plastic surgeon. Make sure that each has experience in fillers. Ask to see photos of people that have had the procedure or even talk with people who have had it done. Ask questions to the doctors and see what their responses are. No good physician should be offended by you asking how many they have done, examine photos, talk with other patients, ask about potential risks and complications, ask about expected results. Very import that you weigh your desired results against what the physician can actually accomplish. If the doctor is glib and says there are no risks or brushes off your questions then you may not want to go with him/her. The doctor should show concern and answer your questions. There's no reason why you shouldn't ask the plastic surgeon directly what he feels about dermatologists doing the procedure and vice versa. A confident physician will tell you that experience is most critical and feeling comfortable with your physician. You also want to know if they can handle any complications if they should arise. Are they available for any emergencies after hours, etc. Remember that even the best of physicians, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, etc., have complications. You want to limit the potential risk and be able to deal with it if it occurs.

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Plastic surgeon vs Derm for injectibles.

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Either is capable but make sure you are comfortable with the doctor. I prefer to not think of physicians as injectors because it implies that that the injection are all artistic with very little knowledge of relevant facial anatomy. The best results are those who are artistic and professionally trained. That is to say, not through a weekend course through which a certificate is hung and they proclaim themselves as experts. Do your research. I agree with the other two posts. 

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