Average Cost for Injections in Nasolabial Folds?

What is the average total cost, including doctor's office fees, for injections in the nasolabial fold area? I see doctors listing syringe prices, but aren't there other additional fees that doctors charge on top of the price per syringe?

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Depends on Depth of Naso-labial fold, Filler Used, Specials

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Obviously if you have deeper naso-labial folds, more filler will be required. Further, a deeper naso-labial fold would mandate material more appropiate for that purpose, ie. Perlane or Juvederma Ultra Plus. The latter are more expensive.

Also, some physicians prefer to perform dental blocks when injecting with deeper fillers( I do). Some physicians charge extra for this ( I don't). You can ask before-hand.

Most physicians do not charge extra for the office visit. Again, ask when you make your appointment.

Prices can vary substantially. Our fees are $325 for a 1 cc syringe and $600 for two 1-cc syringes. Restylane has a rewards program that rebates $25-50 a syringe. Go to www.restylaneUsa.com. Our prices are the same for Juvederm and Evolence. The latter gives a $50 rebate.

It may be less expensive if you go to a medi-spa or some such place, but it is unlikely you will have a dermatologist or plastic surgeon doing your injections. Prices tend to be higher in places like New York and Los Angeles. Also, prices tend to rise the more ornate the environment ( Someone has to pay for those fountains!!)

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Fillers for nasolabial folds

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The price for filling the nasolabial folds depends on the number of syringes needed and the type of filler used. I always start with one syringe and let the patient take a look and decide if they want to spend the money on a second or even third syringe. you can always come back for more. In my office the prices always include the consult and the doctors fee. The nasolabial fods usually starts at $450 and up.

Irvin M. Wiesman, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Cost of nasolabial fold filler

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Hi there!

The cost is dependant on how much product is required for your desired result and the type of product used. Personally, I use Juvederm volift / or voluma for this procedure and the cost is £350 per 1ml. On average 1-2ml of product are required and results can be expected for around a 12-15 months. 

Hope this helps! 

Dr Rupert

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Nasolabial Folds and Fillers and Cost

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Costs vary per syringe of different fillers with Juvederm, Voluma, and Restylane all at different prices.  The price also varies depending on who many syringes you need and the expertise of the injector.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist who is an expert in cosmetic fillers.  Best, Dr. Green

Cost for NLF injections?

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Generally the cost of the product is what you pay. Placement of the product is usually included with the product purchase price. There are numerous products on the market that have various life spans in tissues and therefore have various pricing. $500 to $600 is the general cost for a Hyaluronic Acid product that would work well in the area you are concerned about.

Filler Cost

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Fillers vary in cost depending on what product is injected. In most offices when you are quoted a price that includes the doctor injecting it.

Restylane runs about $450 in the area I practice and Juvederm is $550. Most nasolabial folds require 1-2 syringes for correction.

Just make sure whom ever that is injecting you is a board certified plastic surgeon. It does make a difference.

Nasolabial fold treatment

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If you only need fillers injected into the folds, then the cost would only be for the price of the filler.  If you want fat injections or a facelift, then there would be additional fees.

Price per syringe is usually your total cost

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In most physicians offices the price per syringe tends to include the total costs if that is the service you are seeking.

Syringe prices may vary widely with common prices ranging from $250-600 per syringe. Monst nasolabial folds require at least one syringe while other s may require three.

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