Are Botox Results Permanent After Long-term Use?

I read somewhere that Botox results become semi-permanent after perhaps 8-12 treatments. Is this true? If so, would it only be true for certain areas or for any area treated with Botox? I'm getting Botox for down-turned corners. Thank you!

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Permanant Botox Effect

Botox is a paralytic and thus stops the motion of muscles. The more the muscles go without moving the more they will atrophy or get smaller. Although they will never full go away continues Botox injection will make them very small. Therefore, less Botox is needed to keep the muscle from moving and the longer the effect will last. Stopping the Botox will allow the muscle function to return. It will eventually return to its pre-Botox state.

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Repeated use of Botox may weaken but not eliminate muscles

To my knowledge, there are no widely accepted reports of this phenomenon. The muscles may weaken after repeated use but can return to normal after cessation of use.