Botox and Filler While on Antibiotic Medications?

I am getting Botox and filler between my brow ("11" lines) in two days. I am on a strong antiobiotic (Metronidazole and also ciprofloxacin). Is it okay to get Botox and filler on the same day while on this medication? I've had Botox before but the lines were too deep so not completely gone. Thought the filler might help. Quick answer please. Thanks.

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The use of Botox concurrently with taking antibiotics for other reasons

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The important question is: what infection is being treated with the antibiotics you were prescribed? If it is a Staph aureus infection that is resistant to methicillin (MRSA) you should not have injections until the infection clears. If it is a serious infection elsewhere in the body, the filler injected could get seeded by bacteria that float through the bloodstream and eventually the filler might develop an infection and create serious problems. So although there is no direct contraindication to using Botox and the Ciprofloxacin and Metronidazole, pharmacologically, there could be a bigger medical picture that needs to be reviewed by your primary care physician. Bring this to the attention of your Botox injector, and schedule a treatment with a physician.

Also the treating physician should use a thin, not thick filler in the glabella area as thick fillers, especially when used at the same time as Botox in this area, have caused ulcerations in the skin and scarring.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox and Fillers and Antibiotics

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There should be no problem with Botox and filler injections while on antibiotics esp. the ones you mentioned.  Be careful with fillers in the glabella area, make sure  to use only a little amount and it should be superficial.

Janet M. Neigel, MD
Florham Park Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fever and burning are not typical side effects from Voluma

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Fever and burning are not typical side effects from Voluma, I recommend that you visit your injector for a follow-up visit and examination. If your symptoms worsen, visit the emergency room. Voluma can be dissolved with hyaluronidase if necessary.

Melda A. Isaac, MD
Washington DC Dermatologic Surgeon
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Antibiotics and Botox

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There are no cross reaction between Botox, Fillers, and the antibiotics you mentioned (Metronidazole and Ciprofloxacin).  There is a different group of antibiotic that can react with Botox called aminoglycoside (this class includes gentamicin, tobramycin, clindamycin and lincomycin).  We recommend patients who are on these antiobitics to wait until they are off antibiotics before getting Botox injections. 

The bigger question, though, is why you may be on Metronidazole and Ciprofloxacin.  If you are fighting off a serious infection, you should wait until after your infection clears before getting botox.  While the risk of a serious infection from Botox  and Fillers are rare, why take the chance?  Hold off until your infection clears up.


Dr. Margaret Mann

Margaret Mann, MD
Cleveland Dermatologic Surgeon

Botox & Filler - antibiotics

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There is no contraindication to getting BOTOX or filler while on antibiotics.  However, I agree that if you have an infection at any sites that are to be treated, you should wait until your skin completely heals.

Dr. Cat Begovic M.D.

Botox and fillers can be administered on someone taking antibiotics

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There is no reason why BOTOX and Fillers cannot be administered while a person is taking antibiotic medications. Obviously, BOTOX and fillers should not be administered to an area of the skin where an infection is present.

Botox, fillers and antibiotics

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While there probably won't be any obvious complications from the use of Botox and fillers while on antibiotics, why take any chances?

Since apart from Hollywood award shows there are truly no Botox and Filler "emergencies", I would wait a week for whatever infection you have to settle down before having it down.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Botox anf filler while on antibiotics

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I do not see specific problem of getting Botox and a filler while on antibiotics.  Why are you on antibiotics. Fillers int he glabella creases should be done with caution.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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No Problem

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Physicians should be wary if they are injecting their patient withBotox while they are on an aminoglycoside.

    Since Cipro and Meronidazole do not fall into this drug class, I see no problem.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Best to wait until infections are cleared up before getting Botox and fillers

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With all the little needle sticks and the higher risks of infections spreading, it would be best to wait until the infections are cleared up before getting botox or fillers. Your immune system is supressed from the infections. Give it time to recover.  

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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