Tummy tuck revision and BBL together; risk & benefits?

I had a tummy tuck in November 2015. I'm very unhappy with how high my scar is and wanted a revision. My dr recommended redo tummy tuck and bbl at the same time. Total of 5 hrs in surgery. I afraid of complication. Please advise. I'm 33, 5'2" and 112 bls. Healthy no health issue

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TT revision and BBL

I have some concerns that you are being told that your BBL and TT revision will take 5 hours especially since you weigh only 112 pounds. How much fat is the doctor planning to harvest. At 112 pounds I can't visualize why he is going to need 5 hours to harvest your fat. Also, concerned that you may be over paying for the amount of fat you are going to have transferred. Have you considered a butttock implant instead? Please see options for buttocks enhancement below.

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Can I combine a revision of my tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift?

Yes, a Brazilian butt lift and revision tummy tuck can be combined but you need enough fat to be removed from somewhere including your tum,my to make a difference in enlarging your butt. That also seems like a long period of operating room time. Also, if you are that thin, the chances of getting enough fat are not that great. You may consider a buttock implant which could be effective. You would need to be off your buttock though for a period of about 10 days.

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Tummy tuck revision

Just get the tummy tuck revision done.  The BBL is a terrible procedure with a high risk of complications and overall lousy long term results.  Save yourself the money and aggravation.  Get your tummy fixed and be done with it.

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Tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time

We commonly perform the two procedures together, tummy tuck or tummy tuck revision with a Brazilian Butt lift.  One benefit is not wasting the fat tissue from the skin being removed.   With surgery and anesthesia there are risks so there is a benefit of doing it in one setting.  Risks of anesthesia and surgery increase somewhat with longer surgeries, however, 5 hour cases are very common and it is not outside of the norm for doctors in the US.   Best of luck, Dr. Michael Omidi

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Brazilian Butt lift at 112 pounds?


I've see red flags everywhere. Where are you getting the donor fat for your BBL? How can he lower the scar now that excess skin has already been removed?  He placed your scar high to 'get the bellybutton hole' out, now he's willing to give you the vertical scar too? (Which is something I agree with - making a vertical scar - it is much less conspicuous then a horizontal scar that is too high.) Or does he think he can lower your scar without mobilizing skin from above your bellybutton? (Even more unlikely.)

Keep in mind revision tummy tucks to lower the scar are almost identical in nature to the original tuck. It is not some 'small' or 'simple' procedure.

You should see a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons expert in body contouring for second opinions.


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