Can a 800cc saline Implant Be Overfilled to 1200-1500cc to Have a Rounder Shape?

can a 800cc moderate plus saline implant be overfilled to at least 1200-1500cc for a more round and very firm look ?

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Can 800cc Saline Implant be filled to 1200-1250ccs?

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This can be done but it is not recommended.  The moderate plus mentor implant can do up to around 1000ccs. 

Overfilling 800 cc breast implant to 1200 cc for augmentation surgery

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To answer this question:  Yes, you can fill an 800 cc implant to 1200 cc  to achieve a rounder shape but the more important answer question to ask is : Should you fill it to 1200 cc. The answer to that is NO! This will likely produce a very round implant with scalloping of the edge and at higher risk of mechanical failure.

Overfilling an 800 cc implant

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First, I do not recommend 800 cc implants and to overfill them by that much may be too problematic.  I do not know of any surgeons that would do that.

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