Can You Get Breast Implants with Hepatitis C?

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Hepatitis C and Cosmetic Surgery

Hi there-

There are two issues here: Your safety, and that of the surgeon and the operating team.

With regard to the safety of the operation for you as the patient, provided your liver function is good and no other problems exist, there should be no problem having the procedure.

On the other hand, some surgeons may be hesitant to operate on you because your history of hepatitis puts them (and the operating room team) at some level of risk as well. Surgeons are people too- don't be upset if you encounter someone unwilling to take this risk for you... But many will.

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Hepatitis C and Breast Augmentation

If you have hepatitis C and your liver function is good, then breast augmentation is not contraindicated. As with any medical condition, you need to be fit for surgery and anesthesia. Medical clearance is imperative and an honest discussion with your surgeon allows for proper preparation for surgery.

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Hepatitis C and Breast Augmentation


Good question...short answer is YES, you can have elective surgery such as Breast Augmentation. However, first, you must be up front with your surgeon and his/her staff. Full disclosure of your complete medical history is a MUST. Second, once you have discussed your options with your surgeon, it is best that your internist or hepatologist is on board and orders the appropriate liver function tests and serology evaluations.

Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Dr. C

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Breast Augmentation with Hepatitis C

If you have active Hepatitis C disease  you should not have the Surgery,  if the serology test comes back as Positive  and there is no active disease then surgery would be OK. You would need to be under the care of an internist to let the surgeon know your condition and that it was safe to do the surgery. You should also make sure all caregivers are informed of your  being positive for Hepatitis C.

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Breast implants and HepC

As has been said, as long as your liver is healthy and your medical doctor clears you, a breast augmentation is reasonable. 

However, please understand that you have a potentially lethal transmissable condition and you should let all potential caregivers know about it.  Some might be uncomfortable caring for you in this elective setting and you should respect that and find someone who is comfortable with HepC patients.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Breast implants in women with medical condition

Assuming your liver function is normal and your primary doctor or hepatologist/GI doctor will clear you to have breast augmentation, there is no reason you can't have breast implants. Best wishes!

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You can have breast implants with Hepatitis C.


We have done a number of breast augmentation in Manhattan on patients with Hep C. You need to have normal liver functions and be in good health.

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Breast Implants with Hepatitis C

Yes but you will need a full medical written clearance before any boarded plastic surgeon would operate upon you. Best of luck. 

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Hepatitis C and implants

If your liver funciton is good and you obtain medical clearance from yoru doctor, it should be ok to have breast implants.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Hepatitis C and breast implants

There may be concerns about your choice of anesthetics and your hepatitis. Therefore, it is likely that you will be asked to have your liver enzymes and liver function studies tested. 

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