6 Months Post Op After Diastasis Recti Repair? (photo)

I noticed about 2 days ago I have a hard line going down the middle of my stomach from the middle of the bottom ribs to my belly button. My stomach feels like it had a knot in it. Is this normal healing 6 months post op from a diastasis recti repair and hernia repair or is there something wrong? Also, is my scar healing ok?

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Firm mass in the midline is from plication of the fascia as part of an abdominoplasty

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The firm area that you are feeling in the midline from your ribs to the pubic area is from the imbrication and plicaton of your fascia from the operation.  This will soften up over time.  Your scar seems a bit red and you may want to try using a product with silicone or silicone gel sheeting. 

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Knot sensation in midline after tummy tuck

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The knot sensation in the midline is likely the suture line that was used in the muscle repair. This will improve with time. Your scar is still dark but this will continue to improve with time. You could buy biocorneum scar cream to help with the hyperpigmenation. Good Luck!!

Mytien Goldberg, MD, FACS
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Hard line after tummy tuck

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The hard line that you are feeling is most likely the suture line from the repair of the diastasis or separation of your six pack abdominal muscles.  Your scars appear to be healing well.  I would make sure keep sunscreen on them and keep them covered for another 6 months to get the optimal result.

Uncomfortable sensation after tummy tuck

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Hello. The sensation you feel down the middle of your stomach is most likely the plication suture used to repair your diastasis recti. Your scar is still dark but should continue to lighten for about another six months. If the scar is still dark after a full year post op either a tummy tuck or scar revision might be considered.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Jaime Perez, MD
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6 Months Post Op After Diastasis Recti Repair?

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Thank you for your question and for the photo posted.What you are probably feeling is the plication of the muscle edges--where they were sutured together.  You may also feel what is sometimes called a "healing ridge" which is scar that is usually at its peak at  6-12 weeks, but sometimes longer. SInce your visible scars are a bit redder and thicker than average at 6 months, it is not surprising that the internal scars are also thicker. Expect continued improvement over at least the first year. .

Do show this to your surgeon at your next visit.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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