Is $45,000 for a Full Set of 4 on 1 Implants Top and Bottom Implants Outrageous?

i just think its insane and way to much. should not cost as much as 2 or 3 cars. your suppose to take care of yourself and be healthy but seriously, who can afford to these days. i really need this done but there is no way i can afford it and there is no way i can qualify for a loan nearly that high. it seems like they are saying pay up or die. i have known people who have died because of the problems i have get seriously bad.

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Dental Implants Cost, All on Four

What I think you are referring to is a Treatment Called "All on Four" in which a set of teeth or "bridge" is attrached to four implants in the upper jaw and four implants in the lower jaw.  This is a wonderful treatment plan for the correct patient.  I have seen, way to often mind you, this treatment plan being "pushed" on patients who do not need this.  There is one implant "SuperCenter" that advertises all over television and billboards who pushes this treatment.  Even if you have all of your teeth present, they will tell you that all of your teeth need to be removed because they are infected and they will give you new teeth in one day. For the most part this treatment is overkill and unethical.  If you have no teeth and are a denture wearer or your remaining teth are in poor condition, this can be a viable option, but it is not the only option.  I also caution you about these Implant "Supercenters" because they have no vested interest in you.  Each of the doctors gets a percentage of the fee they charge you, they do not own the practice.  Commonly the fee for all on four implants is about $30,000 per arch, so $45K for two is a very reasonable fee. The Supercenters mentioned will charge you a ridiculous fee abve and beyond that and quite often with poor results requiring further surgery to correct.  I have treated multiple cases of poor outcomes from these in my practice.  As I stated earlier, the All on Four is a great treatment option for the right patient.  I perform these quite often, but it is not for every patient.  You must make sure the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon performing this has been properly trained and is board certified.  Board Certified Oral and MAxillofacial Surgeons should be the only person performing this procedure for you, beware of other "specialists" with a weekend course trying to perform this treatment on you.

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Dental Implants Costs

While dental implants are an expensive option (and the cost doesn't sound outrageous) they are the option that is closest to natural healthy teeth and they can last a lifetime. If this is too steep for you, modern dentures could be a good alternative. Many cosmetic dentists also offer financing options.

Is $45,000 for a Full Set of 4 on 1 Implants Top and Bottom Outrageous?

You sound very frustrated with the potential cost of implants and the all on four dentures. Candidly, some major reconstructions are very expensive.  More importantly than that, I'm getting the impression from your question that you've just only been given one choice. I think that's a big disservice.

In my practice we make every effort to align what you NEED to fix your problems with what you WANT (and what you will realistically put yourself through, as well as what is realistic for your budget.

There are many other options. If the infections are that bad, then you may just have to have teeth out and heal up. Even a temporary healing denture may feel much better than the pain from the infections. After you feel better, then you may want to investigate two implants per jaw, and dentures that "snap" on to the implants. It will be far less expensive. 

You could always add more implants later if you decide you want something more slender or with stronger biting force.

You need to know you have options. You may need to be candid with your dentist (or get a second opinion) about what is a realistic budget for you.

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All-on-4 to replace all of your missing teeth.

The All-on-4 technique involves the immediate replacement of teeth of 4 or 5 implants.  It is a great technique that has worked great to restore the quality of life of some patients.  Traditional treatments can cost 50-80,000 dollars per arch.  The average cost for the All-on-4 is about 20 - 30,000 dollars, so ya you are getting a great deal.  Other options using implants may include an implant supported over-denture that will have a denture snap into some implants and those solutions can cost anywhere from 5 - 15,000 dollars per arch. 

As others have said lack of teeth is a disability as you are unable to chew, smile or function but it is not a death sentence.  Edentulism is however a disability, your choice is either walking on crutches (dentures) or having a fixed, stable set of teeth (all-on-4 or similar).

The average is 16-20K per jaw

The cost will cover all expenses associated with the planned treatment. This can include all of the following, but not limited to:
  • IV Sedation
  • Any extractions
  • Removal of infected tissues (bone and gum)
  • Implant placement
  • Temporary and final bridges

Cost of an All on 4 procedure

Cost varies in different areas but the price you were given is in line with the average.  I generally offer the following options with associated prices:

Option 1.  
Hybrid dentures (All on 4) permanently screwed in teeth-  $22,500-25,000/arch (top or bottom)

Option 2.
Implant retained removable denture- $12,000 includes new denture, 2 implants, abutments and retention parts.

Option 3.
Removable dentures-$2,000 approximately per arch (top or bottom)

I hope this helps in some way.


Dr. Andy Tibbitts

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All on 4

 I think the price you are quoted is a little on the high end but prices fluctuate from one region of the country to another. All on 4 upper and lower for patients currently in dentures is $23990 in my office. This includes CBCT scan, 3D printed surgical guides, Surgical placement of 8 implants, temp bridges and permanent Zirconia bridges.

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Expensive implants

I believe you are referring to full set of teeth (upper and lower) which are fixed on 8 implants ( 4 upper and 4 lower). This is normally a fixed restoration which can be removed from time to time by the dentist for maintenace.

If this is the case the fee sounds correct. In fact it is on the low end. This type of work is costly because of the time needed, experteese of the doctor(s), oral surgery,  and lab cost. You have to have quite a bit of extra training and courses to be able to do this.

You should look at other options like traditional dentures without implants. I am assuming that your teeth are hopeless and cannot be saved.

Another good option is to have two implants per arch and make overdertures which snap-on to the implants and hold them very well. They are removable but this could be around half the cost. If this is still too much then get the two implants only on the bottom and have a regular denture made on the upper (they hold better on the upper even without implants). You can always add implants later for added retention.

Hope this helps

Dr. T

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All on 4

When you think about replacing a set of naturally beautiful teeth with dental implants, it is a real miracle! Think about it! When one looses all their teeth due to trauma, or poor oral hygiene etc. there is a natural feeling of depression and self doubt, wondering how it would feel to be whole again. This is what this wonderful procedure can do for you! Typically a set of dentures would cost up to 2000.00 each so $ 4,000 for a set. But to have a naturally created implant retained bridge is a work of art, takes a great dental lab and a great Surgeon - Prosthodontist team. It take planning and communication and time to put it all together to get the best results. So, to answer, including interim dentures, and then after 6 months final prosthesis, 25,000 to 30,000 per jaw is a really reasonable fee. The main thing is to recognize that you choose the right team who has done this procedure many many times.

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Simple dentures is another option

A common fee for all on four implants is $30,000 per arch, so $45K for two is a great deal. You can die from dental infection, but you won't die from lack of implants. Regular dentures have been around for decades and may be a better fit to your budget.

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