3.5 Years Later Juvederm Ultra Won't Go Away? (photo)

Badly placed Juvederm at the corners of my mouth took away my smile 3.5 years ago. Literally I could barely smile it would push hard into my cheeks. Plus it gave me huge jowls and a strange joker curl. When I attempted dissolving, only the lips went down and jowls looked bigger. Even now, when I close my mouth there are puffy jowls and I can still make my lips curl like the Joker when I smile (it feels like wire). I need to know WHY it's still here and what are my options now. Losing hope.

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I have seen Juvederm stay for a long time in certain places in the face. Whether this is Juvederm, scar or collagen??

My advise is try to disove it again, if no results would consult a board certified plastic surgeon for options after complete examination

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3.5 Years Later Juvederm Ultra Won't Go Away?

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Juvederm usually lasts 8 months to 1 year and isn't common to have lasted this long. I strongly suggest finding a board certified physician who can apply an enzyme called hyaluronidase to help dissolve this product and help correct this issue. 

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Juvederm left after 3.5 years

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I have seen Juvederm last a long time on people, but never 3.5 years. If you are positive you ONLY had Juvederm injected and you went to a reputable injector, here is what I would say: Hyaluronidase can take several rounds especially if there are large pockets of filler in that area. I would suggest you try that again. You could have scar tissue there (this is rare), but it could be that too. I would definitely do a round of hyaluronidase though.

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Hi.  I'm sorry to hear you had an unsatisfactory result with Juvederm.  It is surprising that it has lasted this long as we usually see one year duration.  I recommend seeking evaluation by a reputable medical provider.  There is a product called Vitrase that can be used to dissolve unwanted hylaronic fillers.  This should only be performed by an experienced injector.  Good luck.

Richard W. Maack, MD
Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm does not last 3.5 years

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I have never seen this product last this long as the longest I have seen it last is 22 months. You should query and find out if it is indeed Juvederm that was injected and if it is, seek a plastic facial surgeon for their expertise in determining whether this is scar tissue or residual product which may be amenable to hyaluronidase injections or resection (of scar tissue, granulation tissue, encapsulated product).

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