Will Laser Resurfacing Help Marionette Lines on a 32-year-old?

I am 32 years old. A doctor told me he could "buff out" my marionette lines using a laser. Can lasers be used in just 1 area? It seems like I'm younger than the typical patient who has laser resurfacing. As a second part to my question, would it be beneficial to have my full face treated as a means of promoting new skin growth (as a preventative measure- like a peel) if I have the time, money, and inclination to do so?

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Smile folds are usually not improved by laser

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You might have a temporary improvement after laser in your smile folds, but this can be from the swelling that persists in a microscopic form for several weeks after surgery but I think your folds would return. Fillers are still the best, especially if your folds are created by fat depletion in your inner and mid cheek. Fillers then are injected not only into the smile creases but into your cheeks to help fortify the areas of atrophy and lack of support.

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