If You Have Just Had a 30% Salisylic Acid Peel, Can I Still Use my Kiehl's Overnight Peel Treatment Once Every Week?

How often can I do both? I have the Kiehl's over night peel serum, and I get the Salicylic treatment once a month...is this too much? What is the best skin care regimen? I am 35 and trying to exfoliate and clear up some acne, and keep my fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Thanks so much for your time! :)

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Products prior to peels

Thank you for your question. I would recommend discontinuing the use of any "treatment products" 3 to 4 days prior to a light peel, it is usually fine to resume them after 1 week. Stick to a basic cleanser, SPF  and hydrating moisturizer during this process to avoid causing unnecessary irritation to the skin.

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Wait one week after peel to use Kiehl's

It usually takes up to one week to recover completely from a light salicylic acid peel.  The Kiehl's product would probably be a little too irritating during this time.  I would also stop the Kieh's 2-3 days before each chemical peel to lessen irritation. 

Michael Contreras, MD
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