How Many Sittings Needed with Salicylic Acid for Reducing Acne?

hello im 23 yrs old n i just had a chemical peel with salicylic acid can u suggest me how many sittings do i need to take in order to reduce these acne

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Results after a salicylic acid peel.


The number of treatments needed to improve the appearance of acne is dependent upon several factors, including the severity of the acne and the concentration of the peeling solution. As a rule of thumb, I recommend a series of 4 consecutive peels every 2-3 weeks to see initial results, followed up with a maintenance peel once every month or so. You should see some immediate results 4-5 days after your first peel.


Salicylic peels can be drying to the skin so be sure to use a good quality moisturizer (like the ones found in the Miracle 10 line) and using sunblock is a must as sensitivity to sunburns increases with this treatment.


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Reducing Acne with Salicylic Peels

It is hard to say how many treatments you'll need without my seeing you for a consultation.  Typically I would recommend 6-8 treatments, spaced 2-4 weeks apart for optimal results.  Then regular maintenance every 10-12 weeks at that point would be best.

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Salicylic peels for acne.

The results depend on the severity of the acne, the strength and composition of the peel and your personal response. Generally treatment with gel based medical grade peel containing 20-30% salicylic may require approximately 6 sessions at 10-14 day intervals to solve the problem. Maintenance sessions may be required thereafter. Sessions are always done along with conventional topical and or oral anti-acne treatment else the response may be slow and disappointing.


Keep looking beautiful.


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