Can Foot Fungus Cause Hair Loss?

Can foot fungus, once it's in the blood stream, cause falling hair? My hair has been falling out and thinning for 10 years.

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Having foot fungus will not cause hair loss on your scalp. Your foot and your scalp are at the opposite ends of your body.

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Having foot fungus will not cause hair loss on your scalp. Your foot and your scalp are at the opposite ends of your body.  If you believe you have fungal issues on your scalp see a doctor for an exam.

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Hair Loss Info

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Foot fungus may cause hair loss but since you have been experiencing hair loss and thinning for 10 years, it is most likely not the cause. Women typically experience temporary hair loss due to psychological factors and permanently due to aging and hormonal imbalance. The most common factor in hair loss for men and women is androgenic alopecia, or pattern baldness. Female pattern baldness causes hair thinning over the entire head rather than baldness or a receding hairline. When hair loss is not due to pattern baldness, the causes can range from poor circulation to lupus. Non-genetic factors also increase hair loss in women more than men, whether temporary or permanent. Once an assessment is made for the cause of hair loss, treatments range from lifestyle adjustments and dietary changes to medications and surgery. It is best to first consult with a medical professional for substantial hair loss, namely pattern balding.

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Can foot fungus cause hair loss?

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If the scalp shows no evidence of a fungal infection, I would say no. 40% or women will notice significant hair loss by the age of 60, so hair loss in women is very common. Regarding toenail fungus, the Laser Genesis has been FDA approved to treat this problem, and we have found it to be very successful. Toenail fungus can be frustating.

For treatment of hair loss in women, I suggest you see your physician for a metabolic evaluation, which includes thyroid blood studies among others. If you have female pattern baldness, you may try Rogain 5% foam twice a day. This is the men's concentration and use only if you are beyond child bearing age. You can also be prescribed Propecia, but should have your DHT (dihydrotestosterone) checked first. Ultimately, you may be a candidate for NeoGraft FUE hair transplant. About 20% of our patients for the procedure are women.

Many causes to hair loss

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Hair loss has many causes and fungal infections such as the dermatophytes which cause athlete's foot can cause hair loss in the scalp.  Patients with fungal infections in their scalp have many different clinical presentations ranging from fine scaling of the scalp to a boggy, indurated red plaque called a kerion.  In patients who develop a kerion, the hair loss can become permanent due to scarring from the inflammatory process.  It is very important to be evaluated and treated by a board certified dermatologist for any type of hair loss.

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