Opalescence Boost Teeth Whitening System: 3 Questions?

I currently have my custom trays and am looking for refill gel. I leaned about Opalescence Boost. Can this be purchased by the home consumer or is it just used and applied at a dentist? If it can be used by a home consumer, is it safe (and not overly powerful to apply at home) as with all the other Opalescense products 10, 20, 35% etc.? What is the difference between this and the 10, 20, 35% products they also make? Thank you!

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Opalescence boost

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Opalescence boost is a in-office only product.  Special barriers need to be placed to protect your tissues.  This is meant to be a quick whitening product.  Usual results will be similar to using whitening trays for about 1-2 weeks.  The main difference between this and the other products they offer is the formulation.  If you were looking for a whitening tray product and wanted to stay with Ultradent, I would go with the 20% to avoid sensitivity.  Our office has tried a few products and found Venus White Pro at 35% to give the fastest results with the least amount of sensitivity (of the take home products we've tested).  Boost is a great product, but will require a visit to your dentist to have it done.

Portland Dentist

Opalescence Boost

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This particular bleaching product is to be used in dental offices only. It is used for fast whitening and your gum tissues need more protection to avoid burning than you have with just your custom trays at home. It is 40% concentration which  could result in  some serious sensitivity as well as painful gum tissue if not done correctly. If you want to do it at home use Opalescense with a lesser percentage of bleach and you will do well.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

Opalescence Boost works for teeth Whitening

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Boost Opalescence was comprehensive office based whitening option, which is done under dentist supervision due to high concentration of whitening solution.

10,15 or 20% opalescence PF contains Carbamide Peroxide while Opalescence Boost contains 38% Hydrogen peroxide.  Opalescence PF is more economical option when you already had custom trays .

You need to discuss with your dentist about different options. It almost depends upon how quickly your want whitening results. We at Hebron Smiles are using Boost system for a while and we have great success with it.

Patients are happy and almost little/ no sensitivity was reported by my patients after using Boost with desensitizer gel(part of system).

Ultradent has great whitening products.

Adnan Saleem, DMD
Frisco Dentist

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