Is There a Palate Expander That Can Expand Only One Side of Your Palate? (photo)

When I was younger I slept on my face in a way that put a lot pressure on my left side jaw and temple. It gave me a crossbite which was treated with a palate expander. However, I continued to sleep in the same position and my face bowed out on my right side leaving my left side deficient with asymmetry that is fairly noticeable in my jaw/face. I was wondering if there is a type of Palate Expander device that could be used to push/pull my left side out to match the right side better? Thanks

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Palatal expanders will expand equally both sides

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I looked at the accompanying photo but that seems to be a stock photo and not related to your question. The answer to your question if you could expand one side of the maxilla (upper jaw) more than the other side is: no, most maxillary expansion appliance will expand both sides at equal rate and amount. 


It's quite unusual to see a crossbite due to a person's sleeping pattern. I suspect that you may have some underlying skeletal discrepancy that involve uneven lengths of your mandibular ramus or condyles (ie. your lower jaw and jaw joint) that may be associated with congential skeletal asymmetry (eg. hemifacial microsomia). 


My best recommendation would be to seek a consultation with an orthodontist to find out the nature of the crossbite before starting an orthodontic treatment. Good luck!

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