18 days Post Tummy Tuck, Yellow Spots Along Incision? (photo)

I'm a 24yr old male, very fit and active before my tummy tuck, non smoker! My incision was healing nicely but then it began to weep in the centre above pubic area, my surgeon put me on bactroban and a course of antibiotics which I have just finished today. I seen my surgeon 2days ago and he said I am healing nicely and my incision is looking a lot better. However I am concerned that I have fat necrosis or a staph infection. There is no smell from the wound and changing dressing daily

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Post OP Tummy Tuck!

Thank you for your question and photo!  I would consult with the doctor who preformed your surgery.  Make sure you are following all post op instructions! Best of luck!
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Post operative healing from Tummy Tuck

Hello and thanks for the questions and photographs.

This looks pretty normal at the moment.  You do not have fat necrosis.  The yellow  parts a re small areas of fat and dermis poking through the wound that have dried out and will heal normally with a little time.  The wound does not look infected at the moment.

All the best

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