What Are Blue Spots on My Legs And What is the Remedy?

I'm 16 and Blue Spots Are on my Legs.  Today I was out walking around alot more than usual (7am-12). I came home and my legs were hurting so I looked down and there are blue rings around my ankles and my knees are blue with a few blotches here and there. My legs have been elevated for a bit but they are still a bit blue. PS: I'm 90lb, 5'3" but I eat alot I'm not very active during the summer I had surgery for fibroidadenoma 2 months ago when I was 15

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Blue spots on the legs - Buffalo Niagara Laser Vein Specialists

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Thank you for your question.

A picture or pictures would have been very helpful in giving you guidance.

It sounds like reticular veins, spider veins or small varicose veins.

We recommend that you wear compression stockings and see a vein specialistif you have additional concerns. 

Photos are unbelievably helpful.

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Need photos to even begin to try to give reasonable answers. There is a great dermatologist in Edmonton who might be able to help. Get your G.P. to refer you if you can. Dr. Jaggi Rao is the specialists name. Good luck.

Harlow Hollis, MD
Victoria Plastic Surgeon

Blue spots on the legs should be evaluated

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Without picture it is nearly impossible to tell you what they may be.  I would reccomend that you see a dermatologist for a proper evaluation so that you can have a more certain diagnosis.

Daniel I. Wasserman, MD
Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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