1,5 Yrs After: Skin Still Looks Burned / Crepey After Series of Green Peels. What Now?

I did a series of 5 green peels 3 weeks apart and two IPL sittings 1,5 yrs ago. all for hyperpigmentation and sun spots. but got crepey , saggy and dehydrated skin in return! ( very similar to mr oad's picture : ;skin looks burned' who is in the jessners peel Q&A) can anybody tell me what this is and how to fix it?

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What you are experiencing is definitely not expected results.  I am sure it is very disappointing after all the money and time  you have invested.  It sounds like your skin is very sensitive right now.  I wonder if you were allergic to one of the ingredients.  My suggestion would be to use products to really calm and hydrate the skin.  Try a homeopathic cream called Calendula.  You can also try some natural lipids for the skin.  Stay away from acid creams and cleansers as well as retinols.  Try a green tea serum.  Also, you need to consider whether there is something you are currently using that is contributing to the problem, even if you have used it in the past.  perhaps even a sunscreen you wear. 

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