How Much Does a Green Peel Cost?

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Green Peel Cost

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The Green Peel cost varies depending on the strength of peel, number of peels purchased, etc.  In addition, there are sometimes specials in the office that helps many patients experience a product or service.  Green peels are suprisingly powerful and can be part of an overall skin care routine to help improve skin to its fullest potential.

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The green peel can cost anywhere from about $250 (for a mini green peel--which I think gives great results), or about $500 for the full green peel.  In ouroffice, we do mainly mini green peels, as we see wonderful results, and it is a lot easier to care for the skin after the peel.  The results may not be as aggressive as the full peel, but they are still great.

Lisa Benest, MD
Burbank Dermatologist

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