Green Peel - How Much Peeling?

I am getting a green peel tomorrow and I'm concerned of the extent of the peeling as I deal with the public...will it be really noticable?

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Green Peel

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Green peels are peels which can help patients with impurities in the skin and damaged skin.  Just because it uses all natural herbs and enzymes, its power is witnessed in its peeling where 5 days of peeling is to be accounted for by the patient.  Many green peel patients incorporate this into the skin care routine to help improve skin overall.

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Yes the Peeling Will be Noticeable

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The peeling is definitely noticeable.  I have had several green peels and you can see the peeling.  However, you can explain that you had a peel and most people will understand.

Lisa Benest, MD
Burbank Dermatologist

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