Itchy Face Day 3 Still No Peeling? How Do I Stop Itchyness?

i had got the herbal green peel and its so itchy!!!! its day 3 and still no peeling when should my skin start to peel the itchyness is 5 out of 5 please give me more info on itchyness and peeling procedures

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Allergic Reaction

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You may eventually get peeling as a result of an allergic reaction. After the allergic reaction subsides, the skin desquamates as it sheds the dead skin cells, casualties of the allergic insult.

In the meantime, I would consult a dermatologist to have this treated. I would bring the list of ingredients in the peelling agent. This was, your dermatologist can ascertain the ingredient to which you are allergic. In fact, this is not bad advice for anybody with a suspected allergic reactiion.

One last thing Natural, often means more likely to develop an allergic reaction. With the increased emphasis on natural ingredients, we are seeing more allergic reactions than we did when synthetic ingredients were employed..

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Try some Cortisone Cream

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Sometimes the skin can get itchy with a chemical or herbal peel, much like the skin gets itchy after a sunburn.  It will subside.  Try some over the counter 1% hydrocortisone cream.  Some fresh aloe can be helpful as well.  If you don't have an aloe plant, then an aloe gel can work.  Lily of the Desert is a great brand.


Lisa Benest, MD
Burbank Dermatologist

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